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6-Year Anniversary as Beachbody Coach

  Six years ago today, I remember it so clearly, I signed up to become a Beachbody Coach. Even though I had a PhD and was a brand new professor, I found myself putting my $40 coaching sign up fee … Read More

Health Update: Barbie’s Got Her Groove Back

It’s been six months since my last post. The last time I blogged I was on the mend, feeling almost 100% better in terms of energy level and my sleep had also been restored. When I look at the picture … Read More


Faith and Patience | Trusting the Process

If someone had told me that in just a few weeks I would be sleeping better, pooping regularly, and feeling fully energized–especially after struggling for two years–I would not have believed them. Well, I’m ecstatic to report that all of … Read More


On the Mend | I’m Bringing Healthy Back

I was surprised by the number of emails and responses I received after my last two blog posts. Apparently, I am not the only one struggling with unexpected weight gain despite my best efforts to eat clean and exercise regularly. … Read More


The Gifts of Illness | An Opportunity for Growth

In my last blog post I shared the health struggles that I’ve been having over the past two years: inexplicable weight gain, insomnia, and fatigue despite my best efforts to eat clean and exercise at least 5 times per week. … Read More


Getting to the Root with Sagi Kalev | Weight Gain and Insomnia

For the past two years, I’ve been feeling kinda “off” in regard to my health. I have felt frustrated that despite working out religiously and eating super duper duper clean–and I really mean super duper clean–I have been unable to … Read More


Success Story | Getting Healthy is an Inside Job

My friends sometimes make fun of me, saying that they can’t believe I can make such a good living selling shakes. I mean, I do sell shakes, but I know that I am in the business of helping others transform … Read More


Cauliflower Rice Recipe | Grain Free !

I had heard about cauliflower rice and had even tried making my own once. But somehow I missed the boat the first time. This time, however, my dish was amazing. Here is the recipe: Ingredients: Cauliflower head onions, mushrooms, garlic … Read More