Malibu Barbie: My First NPC Bikini Competition

Dear Boys and Girls,

I’m back! I know many of you guys (ladies mostly, I think) were hoping that I’d provide a day by day account of the days leading up to my first bikini category competition. I went MIA on purpose, well, because I had to focus ALL my energy on getting ready. The last week was tough. I couldn’t bear talking about food and what I was doing or not doing. For a week, I had to make it ALL about ME. “Wait! Wait!,” you say, “So, how did you do?!!” I placed third in the Bikini Master’s Division. Yes, not bad for a first run!

I have so much to share since ¬†everything I experienced was all new. Let’s back up to September 6th, 2010, that is, 5 days prior to the competition. Upon the recommendation of my trainer, I cut all complex carbs (oatmeal, sweet potatoes!!) for three days and then carb-loaded for 2.5 days. The first 2.5 days I drank as much water as I could and ate nothing but fish and vegetables. The last three days, I drank as little water as possible. Oh, the irony that I finally got to eat potatoes, but was deprived of water to wash it all down. The purpose of all this? To remove subcutaneous water to give my skin a “tight” appearance. It’s what models and fitness competitors often do to appear ripped before a photoshoot. Did I mention that for these five days, I only consumed about 1000 calories a day? A woman of my height and weight, 5’5″ and 125lbs, needs about 1370 to function.

How did that feel, you ask? It was horrible! What was difficult was not the going without the things I like to eat, but feeling a complete lack of energy. No, it wasn’t just difficult, it totally and completely sucked. Seriously! Boys and girls, I hesitate to post my meal plan for the week because you should only do this if you are training for a competition. The day of the competition I looked great, and yes, lost about 4 lbs that week, but most of it was water weight. You diet like this for a photoshoot, not for weight loss. Within two days, I was back to my normal weight of 125lbs. In other words, unless you are competing, do not try this at home. Really!

I can easily admit that dieting that last week was unpleasant. I have the luxury of being able to take a week off from work (or slow down, rather) as a BeachBody coach, but what about other men and women who have full time jobs and children? I know people do what they have to do, but goodness, I sympathize. I hardly had the energy to get through the day.

My energy level went up once I started getting carbs in the fourth day. The night before the competition, I got spray tanned, went to bed, and woke up to have my hair and make up done at 4:30 am. It shocked me to see myself wearing so much stage makeup and to have such poofy hair. But I took a leap of faith by trusting my trainer and hair/makeup people when they said that I would look totally different on stage. They were right. From afar one couldn’t tell that I had pounds of makeup and that my hair was teased at the roots!

Dramatic make-up from up close

Make-up from afar

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot to share: the suit that I had custom-made for the event got ruined with the tanning spray after prejudging at 9 am. We knew that choosing a white suit might be risky, but we were confident that the color would wash out (and that it would dry) before judging at 6pm. Well, the color didn’t wash out no matter what we tried. I’ve learned to roll with the punches in life, so I just wore my green back up suit that I brought “just in case.” The upside? I got third place and two different sets of pictures!

Then there’s the tanning issue! My phbalance levels made my skin react strangely to the tanning solution, which made me look “muddy” as my trainer said it. The same tanning solution that was used on other competitors was used on me, but we had no way to predict how my body would react. This is all a learning experience. Next time, we will do it differently. Here I am with my white suit and too dark tan:

My color was too dark. Next time...

I had heard several women who had competed before say that being on stage was an indescribable and addicting feeling. I have to admit, although the pictures speak of confidence, I was shaking inside my shoes. My only thought as I was on stage doing my thing? “Watch your step and don’t fall!” The nervousness took me by surprise. I really didn’t expect to feel my legs shaking beneath me. I’m a confident woman who is used to speaking in front of people! Ahhhh, but I wasn’t speakkkkkking! It was just me, my physique, and my walk. It was tough!

I got to be on stage a total of three times. By the second time, my footing felt a little more sure, and by the third, I was no longer afraid that I was going to fall. Still, my walking and posing was a bit awkward and there is lots of room for improvement. Without meaning to come off conceited, I believe I could have placed higher overall with a little more experience.

Luckily, I get to do it again on October 16th in Temple, TX. My goal is to do better next time, and by better, I mean, personally better. I want to conquer that stage, not for someone else, not for a trophy, but for me. It may be hard to understand for some folks, but this was one of the most challenging things I have ever done.Embracing the woman in me was more challenging than I thought, but fun. Bring it on!

Barbie Decker, PhD

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7 Responses to Malibu Barbie: My First NPC Bikini Competition

  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing..what BB program with cardio would be closest to what you did with a trainer? How costly do you think this experience was?
    Thanks for sharing it all with US!

  2. Jessica says:

    Awesome job! I really enjoyed this post:-)

  3. Aaron Davis says:

    I just want to tell you that beyond the fact that you look amazing and you clearly have an amazing amount of discipline, I’m way more impressed by the courage you display by walking up on that stage. That is something that would personally be more difficult for me than any of the work leading up to something like this. You are an amazing, courageous and beautiful woman that is out there living your dream. Thanks for being such an inspiration and congratulations on doing so well in your competition.

  4. scratch007 says:

    Hey now, we (they) are not all girls. I found your blog and look to it for motivation. I start another round of p90x Monday – You have really helped me stay on track and embrace the struggle. Especially seeing you eat your cheesburger. I am going to adopt the one “cheat-meal” per week to maintain sanity. And then I get my beer too. That will fly since I am not getting competition ready. Way to go Barbie. You rock! You have come so far and you have a strong mind a will. 1st in Texas!

  5. Get Fit With Barbie says:

    Oh! I didn’t mean to exclude my male readers! I just saw the stats on my fb fan page the other month and noticed that 85% of my followers were women. My comment was tainted by that, but I know I have many male readers! :) THANK YOUUU!!!

  6. Sushicookie says:

    Congratulations on third place, Barbie! You looked fantastic. This is really motivating for me. :)
    Can’t wait to see your results of your next comp!

  7. gabby says:

    I’ve been watching your videos on youtube and wow you are amazing!!!! I want to look like you!!! will you be my coach? I want to get the px90 next month… take care!

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